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Dr. Kenneth Rothaus of Rothaus Plastic Surgery, serving residents of NYC, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding areas of New York, offers his patients Cellulaze™ by Cynosure, EndyMed™, and ThermiSmooth® 250 to smooth and rejuvenate skin plagued by cellulite

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Have you been considering undergoing a cellulite treatment? The time has never been better to make yourself look and feel better! Allow RothausMD to return your confidence by eliminating unsightly cellulite. This simple procedure gives you immediate, long-lasting effects in just one to two hours.
Want to know more? Read on to find out all about cellulite, including why you don’t have to live with it anymore!

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite rests beneath the skin as a fat deposit, but it makes itself known through dimpled, lumpy flesh on your hips, thighs, belly, and buttocks. It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter how much—or how little—you weigh. Instead, cellulite is most commonly found due to a person’s specific genetics, hormone changes, gender, ethnicity, rate of dehydration, and how your body burns energy. 

Cellulite typically happens to women, but it can also happen to men. Although it’s considered to be a normal thing and doesn’t cause any health issues, most people are bothered by having cellulite. Fortunately, you only have to go through one easy procedure to take back your skin!

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite can be caused by a long list of reasons, including some mentioned above. The most common reasons that cellulite forms are: 

  • Poor Diet & Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Dehydration. 
  • Weight changes. 
  • Genetics. 
  • Aging. 
  • Lifestyle factors, including smoking and eating a high-fat diet. 
  • Hormones. 
  • Unhealthy connective tissue. 

Although cellulite is usually equated with being heavy, the truth is that anyone can have it. Therefore, don’t feel bad if you notice you’ve got some cellulite.

Laser Treatments for Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite

The good news is that no matter how much cellulite you’ve got, there is a treatment for it! Therefore, you have options if you want to feel good in your skin. At our luxury medspas in New York, our team offers minimal and noninvasive body contouring procedures to treat cellulite. These long lasting treatments consist of utilizing heat from radiofrequency to eliminate fat cells and tighten your skin. This, in turn, will improve your body contours, which means you’ll have smoother skin! 

Rothaus MD offers three different state-of-the-art treatments to eliminate cellulite, including: 


Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers several laser skin resurfacing treatments for cellulite including CoolPeel. CoolPeel is the newest and most advanced CO2 laser treatment for skin rejuvenation and cellulite removal. This laser resurfacing treatment targets superficial skin layers to reduce wrinkles and cellulite. CoolPeel’s proprietary and advanced waveform and delivery improve scars, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores and unsightly pigmentation. The procedure is comfortable enough to be performed using topical anesthesia or none at all. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and most patients have minimal to no residual redness the next morning.

Virtue RF 

Virtue RF improves skin tone, texture, wrinkles, and scars by using laser skin resurfacing technology. The Virtue RF uses microneedling radiofrequency for body skin tightening and cellulite treatment. Patients enjoy that there is no downtime and minimal redness. 


Physiq is a FDA approved device that combines laser and electromagnetic stimulation for non-invasive body contouring, muscle toning, and treating cellulite. Physiq is a revolutionary laser treatment that can simultaneously treat fat and muscle. After a consultation with our team, we can tailor your cellulite treatment to fit your body needs and goals.

Real Patient Testimonials

I was referred to Dr. Rothaus by a friend. I am extremely happy with the results from my procedure. It has made a tremendous impact in my life. I strongly recommend Dr. Rothaus.

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Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance

Depending on what type of cellulite treatment you receive, your recovery time will last between one and five days. Most of our advanced cellulite laser treatments have minimal downtime, redness, and you can resume regular activities by the next day. Our Westchester clinic offers innovative technology for plastic and cosmetic procedures to deliver outstanding results!

What is Cellulite Reduction Treatment Like?

Cellulite reduction treatments are noninvasive. During the procedure, the handheld device safely moves over the skin, which is first prepared with a gel for smooth gliding. The heat produced by the radiofrequency energy works to tighten the skin and induce apoptosis, which means fat cell death. Over the course of days and weeks, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells, leaving the skin to have a smoother, more attractive contour.

Our Cellulite Treatments Available in Westchester

Are you ready to eliminate your cellulite and feel confident? Schedule an appointment with the best plastic surgeon in Westchester! Alternatively, you can also get an appointment in our Upper East Side office in New York City. If you have any questions about our various cellulite treatment procedures, contact us to receive a quick answer. Don’t delay! Embrace your body and your life by giving yourself the gift of cellulite treatments!

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Manhattan cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers the advanced Cellulaze™, EndyMed™ and ThermiSmooth® 250 technologies, which are both used for cellulite treatment and cellulite reduction, to patients living in New York, Manhattan, Westchester, the Upper East Side, and the surrounding New York communities. If you want to see a remarkable decrease in cellulite and feel comfortable wearing shorts again, we encourage you to contact our office today and schedule your consultation with our experienced medical providers.

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