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For  patients seeking non-invasive body contouring, the options of devices can be  a little confusing.  To add to the confusion, two of the technologies out there use the same acronym EMS to describe their technology.  (These are not to be confused by the long-standing use of EMS as an acronym for Emergency Medical Services).  For some devices EMS stands for electromagnetic stimulation. This can be intimidating for a potential body contouring patient.  

What is Physiq? 

At Rothaus Plastic Surgery and HausMD luxury medspas in New York,  the non invasive body contouring device that we use for patients is the Physiq by CartessaAesthetics. Physiq is an FDA approved device for body contouring and muscle toning that uses laser and EMS to eliminate fat and tone muscle. Physiq utilizes Electrical Mechanical Stimulation (EMS) technology to achieve muscle toning and definition. The Physiq combines light energy (diode) with EMS. The purpose of the diode is to achieve reduction in the fatty subcutaneous layer. In fact, Physiq was the first device to allow the simultaneous treatment in one  session with two energies for non-invasive body sculpting.  In other  words, with the Physiq one can get not only muscle toning, but simultaneous fat reduction with little recovery time.

How Often Do I Need Physiq Treatments? 

After a series of Physiq treatments (5 sessions over a two-month period), our board certified cosmetic surgeons often recommend that the patients continue with EMS treatments alone.  Although our studies, that have been submitted for publication, documented the increase in the thickness  of the rectus abdominis muscle (stomach wall muscle), we did not have published data to present  to patients to support the  long-term  efficacy in maintaining muscle tone. 

However, our dream body plastic surgeons in New York, were very interested in the recently published Wall Street Journal article about incorporating EMS in workouts. 

Katalyst Workout Suits 

This article, authored by Perri Ormont Blumber, describes a new exercise suit that you wear while working out. The suit is called the Katalyst  The suit is unique because it incorporates EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to help  augment the effects on your muscles  while training.  The Katalyst system and its uses are very different from how a patient would use a Physiq system in the office, so one definitely cannot make a one-to-one comparison.   However, in our opinion, it does support the concept of the long-term use of electrical muscle stimulation as a body toning and training device.  

Physiq Body Contouring & Sculpting at Our NYC Offices 

If you are interested in non-invasive Physiq body contouring and muscle toning, Rothaus Plastic Surgery  has two plastic & cosmetic surgery offices in Manhattan and Westchester, NYC. During a consultation, our board certified surgeons will discuss the Physiq treatment, benefits, and recovery time. If you are interested in discussing this in person, feel free to contact our offices or call (213) 513-5584 to schedule a consultation. 

We would be delighted to see you.

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Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD is a board-certified Manhattan and Westchester plastic surgeon offering cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the face, breast, body, and skin. Educated at Yale College and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rothaus’ general and plastic surgery training was at the Columbia and Cornell campuses of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Rothaus values the wants and needs of his patients and strives to give them the best experience possible.

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