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Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, helps patients to shape and trim excess skin around the breasts, abdomen, arms, buttocks, legs, and face to look healthy and toned, and finally be comfortable in their own skin. Rothaus Plastic Surgery serves patients in NYC, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding areas of New York.

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Dramatic weight loss is certainly something to be proud of. However, sometimes certain areas of skin shrink less than the rest of your body, leaving you with extra, sagging skin.

What is Skin Removal Surgery?

Skin removal surgery after weight loss surgery is a common procedure that caters to those who have lost over 100 pounds or more. Typically during weight loss, as the individual achieves their weight goals, leftover excessive and sagging skin becomes increasingly apparent, causing physical discomfort and self-consciousness. This often leaves the individual to feel defeated, as they feel like they are still hindered from achieving their aesthetic goals. After weight loss surgery is one of the last surgeries completing an individual’s weight loss transformation.

What Can Skin Removal Surgery Treat?

When the body loses fat, certain areas may not shrink smaller along with the weight loss. For most patients, surgery is the only option to remove the skin deformity. The typical symptoms or conditions that result from a massive weight loss that can be treated with surgery include:

  • Sagging breasts that point downward
  • “Turtle neck” or flabby skin near the neck
  • Excess, hanging skin or pockets of fat around the abdomen or hips
  • Sagging skin and excess fat or wrinkling around the buttocks
  • “Bat wings” or sagging skin underneath the upper arms
  • Sagging skin and excess fat on the thigh and upper leg region

What is Combination Skin Removal Surgery?

Many surgeons recommend a combination of procedures for a tighter, more youthful appearance. Doctors do this to increase the chances of seeing optimal results for many years to come. One way surgeons combine procedures may comprise an upper body lift (which addresses the arms, breasts, neck and abdomen), in conjunction with a lower body lift, which addresses the abdomen, buttock, hips, and thighs.

What is the Procedure for Skin Removal Surgery?

After weight loss surgery is a serious procedure taking around four to seven hours on average to complete, although the number varies widely due to the patients unique needs and goals. It is performed under general anesthesia and usually requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Scarring is an inevitable part of this surgery, but our talented surgeon uses the latest scar treatment methods to help minimize this as much as possible. For many individuals, after weight loss surgery provides results that are so positive, they are life transforming.

After Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

What are the common areas treated?

The most common areas for significant transformation of beauty are seen in the breasts and abdominal area, typically performed during the same surgery. This is sometimes called a mommy makeover. In addition, the buttocks, upper thighs, arms, neck, and knees are also common areas treated.

What is the ideal timing?

Due to the scope of the procedure, our team recommends that patients need to be close to or have already achieved their ideal reachable weight. However, there are times where taking away excess skin serves as a catalyst to the weight loss process. This is the case when sagging or annoying skin stands in the way of the patient’s workouts or other physical movement.

Will insurance cover the cost?

As a generality, insurance companies typically do not reimburse clients for the expenses tied to a cosmetic surgery. Our billing coordinator works hard to give accurate assessments of surgical cost as well as thoroughly exploring if insurance can cover any of the cost. Sometimes, insurance will cover the cost for cosmetic surgeries where excess skin becomes a medical issue.

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Recovery Time: 2-3 weeks

Average Procedure Time: 2-4 hours

Procedure Recovery Location: Outpatient

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I worked with Dr. Rothaus and saw firsthand both his compassion for patients and his skill and artistry as a surgeon. He also performed surgery on me. Excellent results, no bruising, very minimal swelling and no real post-operative pain – just some discomfort that was manageable with over-the-counter medication.

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For patients looking to eliminate their excess skin once and for all, there’s no need to look any further. Dr. Rothaus offers expert skin removal surgery after weight loss to patients in New York, the Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and nearby communities of New York. We encourage you to contact our plastic surgery office today to schedule your individualized consultation.

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