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Common natural causes such as weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging, can manipulate and cause stress to the breasts over time. Manhattan plastic surgeon, Kenneth Rothaus, MD, offers several breast lift techniques to revitalize and create firmer, shapelier breasts that can ultimately restore confidence and comfort to one’s body.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, elevates and firms the breasts by removing sagging skin that can be caused by pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. The procedure reshapes the skin surrounding the breast to support a more preferred contour. The breast lift is often combined with an augmentation when either an implant alone will not provide adequate lift or a mastopexy alone will not provide proper shape. This procedure is known as augmentation mastopexy or a breast lift with implants.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

A breast lift should be considered when breasts have:

  • Lost shape or volume
  • Become elongated or flat
  • Have nipples that are below the crease of the breast and/or point downward
  • Ideally, the patient is a non-smoker, in overall good health, and no history of breast disease

Good candidates for a mastopexy procedure also have realistic expectations in terms of the results that can be achieved.

What is the Procedure for a Breast Lift?

Before the procedure, noted New York plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Rothaus will consult with the patient, evaluating their medical history and results of their examination. During this initial consultation, the various surgical options will be presented to the patient and a recommendation presented based on the patient’s anatomy and wishes for the final result.

Patients will also be able to ask questions regarding the procedure and can express any concerns they may have. These will be addressed to the patient’s satisfaction, and more details will be provided as needed. Additional points such as recovery and the cost of the procedure can also be discussed during the consultation.

A breast lift requires incisions to shape and firm the breasts. The most common incision patterns used during a breast lift procedure are:

  • An incision around the areola
  • Incisions around the areola and then going downward from the bottom edge of the areola at six o‘clock to the breast crease
  • Incisions around the areola, and then vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the breast crease, and finally, extending horizontally in the breast crease

The size and shape of the breasts, size of the areolas, and extent of sagging are factors that will help Dr. Rothaus determine the best technique to use. Occasionally, as previously discussed, it may be determined that a small breast implant may be necessary or desired to enhance the fullness of the upper portion of the breast. This can be done at the same time as the lift or at a later date. Once the procedure has been completed, stitches will be used to close the incisions.

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Dr. Rothaus and Team are outstanding. His exceptional surgical skills coupled with his positive, kind demeanor enable for a relaxing experience. He truly listens to his patients and the results are tremendous.

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Things to Consider Before Your Breast Lift Consultation


Patients desiring a breast augmentation may discover that they need a lift as well as if there is a significant degree of ptosis (sag). If the patient wishes to add more volume and only has a small amount of ptosis (sag), implants alone will often resolve this issue. Similarly, patients desiring a breast lift may need implants depending on how much native breast tissue exists prior to the lift.

Before surgery, we will provide a thorough assessment as to whether or not an augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of the two is necessary to attain the aesthetic results the patient desires. It’s important to note that if an implant is placed within a sagging breast without a simultaneous mastopexy, the outcome can be very unsatisfactory.


In breast lift cases, the nipple needs to be repositioned and often reduced in size so that it is at the proper location and looks proportional to the newly shaped breast. When excess skin is trimmed away during surgery, a portion of an overly stretched areola is trimmed away at the same time.


With any mastopexy procedure, scars are an inevitable part of the process. During surgery, the latest surgical techniques are incorporated both during and after the surgery to minimize scarring. A post-surgery scar care program of silastic gels and possible laser treatments will be offered, and patients are strongly encouraged to follow the plan so that healing can be healthy and quick.

What is Recovery like After a Breast Lift?

Immediately after a breast lift, patients are placed in a surgical dressing or surgical bra. Bruising and swelling after surgery is common and will usually resolve within one to three weeks.

Patients may be provided medication to fight inflammation and bacterial infection, along with instructions that need to be followed during the recovery period. Plenty of rest and relaxation will also be necessary; patients must sleep on their back for a time.

Any squeezing, scratching, or bouncing is highly ill-advised. Patients will need to avoid any activities that could put too much strain on their bodies by being too physically demanding.

While recovery varies from patient to patient, full recovery can be expected between six to eight weeks. Most patients are able to resume modest activities within about two to three weeks.

Once all swelling has ameliorated, patients can enjoy the full results of their breast lift procedure.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

There are several factors to take into consideration when determining the cost of the breast lift procedure. Prices can often be affected by the extent of the procedure, anesthesia fees, and more.

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Recovery Time: 10-14 days

Average Procedure Time: 2-3 hours

Procedure Recovery Location: Outpatient

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We invite you to call our plastic surgery office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Rothaus today. If you are bothered by sagging breasts and are considering a breast lift, this surgery can restore the look and feel of your breasts and create a gorgeous, youthful outcome. Rothaus Plastic Surgery provides expert breast lifts to patients in New York, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding New York communities. Contact our office today to schedule your personalized breast lift consultation.

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