Lines & Wrinkles Treatments in NYC

Rothaus Plastic Surgery offers non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for lines and wrinkles in NYC, Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding areas of New York. Our treatments offer you a way to reduce lines, soften wrinkles, and tighten skin. The cutting-edge treatments can be used on the face, neck, chest, hands and abdomen.

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Say Goodbye to those Lines and wrinkles that make you look older than you are.

Our lasers, fractional RF, plasma fillers and skin care can help you look younger with no down-time and minimal to no recovery.

What treatment for Lines and Wrinkles are offered at Rothaus Plastic Surgery?

  • CoolPeel
  • Deka Dot CO2
  • Vivace/VirtueRF
  • Endymed Intensif
  • Subnovi
  • Trilogy
  • Tribella

What is Cool Peel?

CoolPeel is a minimally invasive treatment using the DEKA Tetra laser to correct lines, wrinkles, tighten pores and lighten brown spots with minimal to no downtime.

What is Vivace/VirtueRF?

VirtueRF is a fractional RF that softens wrinkles, tightens skin on the face and body. It is often used in conjunction with the Subnovi plasma and CoolPeel as the Trilogy procedure for more customized corrections.

What is Subnovi?

Subnovi is a handheld device that uses the energy of plasma gas to tighten the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, performs browlifts, softens and eliminates unwanted lines of the forehead, upper lip, and neck.

What is Deka TETRA™ CO2?

The Tetra CO2 is fractional CO2 laser that can be used under a local anesthesia for patients that need more skin tightening and correction of deeper lines and wrinkles.

Real Patient Testimonials

Not only is Dr. Rothaus incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, he is also incredibly personable. It’s so refreshing to have a doctor who is not only amazing at what he does, but also has your best interests at heart. I sincerely value that I’m being told all the facts before making any decisions. Highly recommend him!

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Am I good candidate for correction of my lines and wrinkles?

If you would like to learn more about our non invasive and minimally for correction of lines and wrinkles and tighten skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rothaus. He explains which procedures are best for you and what results to expect from the treatments.