Facials & Skincare in NYC

Rothaus Plastic Surgery is setting the standard of luxury medspa services with Haus MD. This advanced aesthetics med spa offers fillers, injectables, laser treatments, body contouring, skin products, and custom facials in NYC, the Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding areas of New York. The treatments help with rosacea, pores, fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

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What are Facials, Peels and Skincare?

Facials, peels and skin care are non-invasive treatments that help with the color, smoothness, and tone of your skin. With minimal downtime or recovery, facial are the perfect way to treat your skin.

Custom Facials for Skin Concerns

Rothaus MD Plastic Surgery has over twenty years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience in New York and Westchester. With our vast knowledge and expertise, our team of licensed estheticians opened Haus MD, luxury medspas to address skin concerns that achieve the best results. Along with our custom facials for skin concerns, Haus MD also offers injectables, laser treatments, body contouring, and laser hair removal.

Our team customize our facials treatments and curate a skincare regimen to address your skin concerns and for long lasting results.

What Facials & Skincare Treatments Are Offered at Our Luxury Medspas?

Considered as premier luxury medspas by our clients, our facial treatments are extensive that include premium ingredients, lasers, or skin rejuvenation techniques. Our facials include but are not limited to the following:

Cool Peel Facials

This refreshing facial treatment applies cooling sensations to help soothe inflammation or redness on your skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are advanced skincare treatments that harness the power of specialized chemical solutions to exfoliate the skin. Each peel contains a different exfoliating agent that  targets specific skin concerns.

Dermaplaning Facials

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment that uses a special blade to remove the dead top layers of your skin leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.

Laser Facials

Laser facials are a great way to quickly improve the look and feel of your skin. They work by promoting collagen and elastin production leading to smoother, brighter skin. The procedures are painless with no downtime that results in an instant glow. 

Rothaus Signature Peel

The Rothaus Signature peel leaves your skin looking brighter and smoother with little to no downtime. If you have troublesome brown spots or melasma, the Spectra peel may be for you. Rothaus Signature Peel is a gentle lactic peel that’s safe enough for sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliation meets hydration with no downtime. The Rothaus Signature Peel leaves your skin smoother and brighter. A go-to for red carpet events and celebrities.

Rothaus Red Carpet Facial

The Red Carpet Facial is a Rothaus Signature Peel combined with a Dermaplaning Facial for radiant skin.

Spectra Peel

The Spectra Peel is a popular facial treatment that utilizes laser technology to target various skin concerns and improve appearance.


SUBNOVII, a FDA approved facial treatment that utilizes advanced plasma technology, improves appearance of scars, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

VirtueRF Laser Treatments

The Virtue RF laser skin treatment is a fractional Radio Frequency treatment that can tightening skin, improve wrinkles and help in the correction of aging changes of the skin of the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

Rothaus MD Facial Products

Along with our luxurious skin care treatments, we offer facial products that can keep your skin refreshed everyday. Browse our selection of Rothaus skincare products. Order easily online or make an appointment with one of our skincare specialists for a custom facial treatment for rejuvenated skin!

Real Patient Testimonials

Dr Rothaus is my plastic surgeon who offers the latest in medical treatment to improve my appearance. I have had serious acne scarring which has left my skin pick marked, and uneven. With is expert knowledge he has successfully reduced dramatically the scarring on my neck and face. These treatments have also given me an even complexion tone and tightening of the skin n. Although not part of the plan a fabulous side effect. I recommend him for scarring and reducing the signs of aging.

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Am I a good candidate for Facials, peels, and skincare?

If you would like to learn more about our facials, peels and skincare, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rothaus or our Medical Aesthetician, Juliana. They can explain which procedures are best for you and what results to expect from the treatments.

Custom Facials at Our Luxury Medical Spa in NYC

Look your best with a little help from Dr. Rothaus. Haus MD, our advanced aesthetics med spa in NYC and Westchester offers custom facials to address skin concerns. Learn More