BOTOX® Cosmetic in NYC

Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, is happy to offer his patients Botox®, one of the most common and most popular wrinkle treatment products on the market today. He and his staff proudly serve patients in NYC, the Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and the neighboring communities.

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What is Botox®?

Manufactured under the name botulinum toxin type A, Botox® is a non-surgical anti-aging skin rejuvenation procedure that treats facial wrinkles in the forehead region and around the eyes (crow’s feet) without surgery. By temporarily relaxing the muscles residing under the skin, the surface appears smoother, softer, and younger. Additionally, Botox® can help treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It works by blocking the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands in your underarms.

More than 97% of the patients that come to our Manhattan and Westchester plastic surgery offices to receive BOTOX® treatments return for additional treatment three to 12 months later because they love it so much.

How Does Botox® Work?

During the initial consultation, an assessment will be made to determine the appropriate amount of Botox® to be used. Wrinkle location, depth, and quantity will help determine the appropriate dosage. Most patients require anywhere between 25 and 50 units of the medication. During the treatment, the forehead will be marked with a washable pencil as a guide to where the injections will go. At Rothaus Plastic Surgery, a very small 33-gauge needle is used to minimize the discomfort. Discomfort is minimal and, although it is rarely needed, can be controlled with topicals and/or cold compression.

What is Recovery like After Botox®?

After their Botox® treatment, patients are able to return to their normal activities. There will be some mild swelling and redness, but this is minimal and goes away within three to four hours. Exercise should be avoided and the head remains elevated for about four hours. Results following Botox® are most apparent around day five to seven. At this time, patients will notice that their foreheads are smoother and that wrinkles will have decreased significantly. They will feel younger and feel that their appearance has a new, brighter glow!

Plan Your Procedure

Average Procedure Time: 10-15 minutes

Procedure Recovery Location: Outpatient

Real Patient Testimonials

Not only is Dr. Rothaus incredibly experienced, he is also incredibly personable. To echo a previous review here, “He’s collaborative, not patronizing.” It’s so refreshing to have a doctor who is not only amazing at what he does, but also has your best interests at heart — not just trying to up-sell you a service or higher units (in the case of Botox and me!). I highly recommend him for Botox and while I can’t speak to other procedures, I’d certainly check into his work: his practice, knowledge, and personality have gained my trust.

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Get Your Facial Glow Back

Botox® is a fantastic way to look softer and younger without surgery. Men and women residing in New York, Manhattan, Westchester, and the surrounding areas who wish to decrease facial wrinkles and lines may be candidates for this treatment. Results will last for several months, and sometimes longer for many of our patients. If you are ready to try out the injection that has changed the lives of millions of people, contact our office today and talk to our staff about the wonders of Botox®.

About Dr. Rothaus

Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD is a board-certified Manhattan and Westchester plastic surgeon offering cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the face, breast, body, and skin. Educated at Yale College and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rothaus’ general and plastic surgery training was at the Columbia and Cornell campuses of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Rothaus values the wants and needs of his patients and strives to give them the best experience possible.

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