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Rothaus Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers body sculpting procedures for men and women in NYC, Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and the surrounding areas of New York. Our body sculpting procedures help with pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

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What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting procedures are intended to improve the contours of your body. This may be accomplished by removing pockets of stubborn fat, as well as loose skin and cellulite. Dr. Rothaus also offers a fat transfer procedure in which he uses excess fat from one area of your body to enhance another area. This technique is popular among men and women who only need a little improvement and are not good candidates for surgical body contouring.

What Are the Benefits of Body Sculpting?

  • Surgical, minimally invasive, and non-surgical options
  • Sculpts problem areas
  • Accentuates natural contours
  • Eliminates stubborn fat quickly

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Given enough time and effort, you can eliminate most fat from your body, but the process could take several months or years. Body sculpting is a good alternative for men and women who are near their ideal weight. If you have recently had a child or lost a large amount of weight, Dr. Rothaus may recommend that you wait at least one year before having body contouring procedures. This ensures that you should not need revision body contouring procedures in the future.

Many body contouring procedures require the use of general anesthesia, so you should be in good health. You may need to make some lifestyle changes in the weeks prior to the surgery, such as quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.

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Dr. Rothaus is the best! You will not be disappointed! Best plastic surgeon in the city.

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Dr. Kenneth Rothaus offers body sculpting for men and women in New York, Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and the surrounding communities in New York.