Volumizers & Refiners: A Perfect Match

Part 1: Volumizers

We’re all familiar with the physical changes that come with aging. One of which is the loss of volume, particularly evident in our faces. We begin to notice a hollowed effect in our cheeks, chins and temples – among other places. In fact, when people were polled about what makes a person appear “older”, one of the most popular answers was the loss of facial volume. And it’s true – as a society, we associate youth, beauty and overall health with a fuller looking face.

For the past several years, Sculptra Aesthetic has been a significant player in helping people regain the fullness and volume in their faces. Unique in the way it accomplishes volume replacement, Sculptra targets one of the underlying causes of facial aging, the loss of volume and collagen (the underlying structure of your skin), by directly stimulating the production of your own collagen again. This is achieved by a series of treatments (typically three), spaced approximately 6 weeks apart. Because of the application technique of Sculptra, patients have more input on their final, desired result. Each treatment builds upon the previous treatment, thus allowing the patient and practitioner to evaluate the progress and then decide on whether further treatments are wanted or necessary. Another way that Sculptra differentiates itself is that it’s been shown to last up to 2 years. One study reports that more than 80 percent of the collagen produced by Sculptra injections was still present after 25 months. Because of the longevity of the results, patients experience a longer interval between treatment series and achieve great volume enhancement – at approximately equal the cost of regular (and more frequent) dermal filler treatments. Further adding to the exclusivity of Sculptra is the process in which our bodies metabolize the product. Unlike some dermal fillers, once the product dissolves or metabolizes, patients are left with their own collagen and not a foreign material.

When used in conjunction with refining products like Juvederm and Juvederm Plus, Sculptra provides a unique volumizing powerhouse that can put you back on the path to that youthful appearance you once had and that look you remember. It’s a popular choice in our practice and it’s no wonder – our patients consider it a true and worthy investment in themselves!