Ulthera – Vellulite Tightening Treatment in NYC

There has been a lot of PR and articles (Vogue p 224 April 2011; Harper’s Bazaar p 294 March 2011) on Ulthera recently. Ulthera is a device that uses highly focused ultrasound in an effort to tighten the skin. I was very intrigued by it when it was first introduced as conceptually it is very exciting technology. When you use this device you can actually visualize the layers of tissue beneath the skin and see exactly where you are placing the ultrasound energy.

I tried it about a year ago on 5 of my staff. The problem was the pain they reported. One of my nurses made us stop before we finished the second side of her face as it hurt so much. The other 4 refused to undergo the second treatment because of the pain they had felt and, unfortunately, also because they did not really see any significant improvement.

I understand that they have “tweaked” the protocol to improve the results. In any case, I cannot get any of my “volunteers” to try it again because of the pain.