Antibiotics and Breast Reduction Surgery

The utilization of antibiotics for elective surgery has changed dramatically over the last decades.  In the past, it was often routine to give patients antibiotics for 5 days following clean, elective breast reduction (as well as breast augmentation) procedures.  Surgeons of all specialties have recognized, however, that not only does the utilization of prophylactic antibiotics not seem to reduce the incidence of infections, but it may do some harm.  The current protocol followed by most surgeons is to administer a dose of antibiotics pre-surgery within the one-hour window prior to the first skin incision.

How Antibiotics Affect Cosmetic Breast Procedures 

The overutilization of antibiotics leads to the selection of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.  In the July issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (Mookierjee, VG, et. al. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 453, Issue 7, July 2023, Pages NP494-NP499 ).  Dr. Mookierjee and his colleagues try to address the question of the value of the antibiotics given in the period after the surgery.  The authors looked at insurance data and were able to identify two groups of 2230 matched patients in each group.

The incidence of post-operative wound infections in the group that received antibiotics was 1.8%, while the infection rate in the group that did not receive antibiotics was basically identical at 1.7%.  They also looked at the incidence of emergency room visits and readmission to the hospital. Again, there was no statistical significance between the two groups.  It was interesting (although as noted not significant), that in all areas the group that received the antibiotics, in fact, did slightly worse.  Furthermore, they looked at a subgroup of obese patients (218 patients in each group) and the differences were again not statistically significant.

Thus, this interesting article, although retrospective and based on insurance company data, supports the current practice at Rothaus Plastic Surgery of treating our patients in cases such as these with a single dose of preoperative antibiotics and not prescribing any additional antibiotics following surgery.

RothausMD Breast Augmentations and Reductions in NYC

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