SmartLipo™ vs. Safe Lipo

I don’t pay much attention to what is published about plastic surgery in the lay print media. A patient, however, had questions recently about an article she came across in Allure magazine. This article was heralding the benefits of a widely available liposuction technique, power-assisted liposuction (PAL) which was renamed for the launch of a new device. In the article PAL is called SafeLipo. Having literally treated multiple hundreds of patients with various liposuction techniques (traditional, power assisted, radio frequency, and multiple laser devices), I needed to comment on the claims in the article.

SmartLipo™ is probably the best known laser liposuction devices. The SmartLipo™ device went through a series of upgrades and improvements after it was introduced to the market approximately a decade ago. I was not a fan of the original device, but I watched with interest as it got better and better. With the current model, the SmartLipo™ Triplex, the company has, in my opinion, gotten it right! There are 3 different laser wavelengths built into the Triplex: 1440 to melt fat, 1320 to tighten skin, and 1064 to reduce bruising. They can all be controlled individually to customize the treatment for each patient and location.

In my experience the advantage of the precise SmartLipo™ device over the type of liposuction described in the Allure article is multi-fold. Contrary to the article, I have found that SmartLipo™ results in less bruising and better contouring than PAL. I am able to treat all areas under a local anesthesia, not just small areas as described by Allure. In addition, SmartLipo™ allows me to achieve skin tightening above and beyond that seen by the natural, but lesser degree of recontouring and tightening seen after liposuction alone.

Take a good look at the photos on my website under the categories of liposuction and SmartLipo™. They all were performed using laser lipolysis. Res Ipsi Loquitor – I think the facts (or in this case the photos) speak for themselves!