Intensif RF Microneedling Treatments in NYC

I was recently a participant in an international multi-center study on the efficacy of microneedle-based radiofrequency (RF) treatments for treatments of the lower face. The other physicians who participated in the study were Drs. Michael Gold of Nashville, Dr. Mark Taylor of Salt Lake City and Dr. Yohei Tanaka of Nagano, Japan.The results of the study have just been submitted for publication but what we found was that there was significant wrinkle reduction and skin tightening for the lower face and neck. The improvement in the contour of the lower face and neck for one of my patients who participated in the study can be seen below.

The results of this clinical study were supported by the laboratory findings of a group of physicians and researchers from Seoul, Korea (H.J. Lee, et. al. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 48:140-149 2016). These investigators looked at the levels of hyaluron (basically part of the ground substance between the cells in our epidermis) and a marker of gene expression CD44 before and after treatment with a fractional RF device. Higher levels of both of the hyaluron and CD44 are associated with a more youthful epidermis. What these investigators found was that treatment with a fractional RF device increased the levels of both HA and CD44. This supported and, perhaps, provides a mechanism for the rejuvenation that Drs. Gold, Taylor and Tanaka and I found in our clinical study.

Additional information about radiofrequency devices and the Intensif fractional RF can be found in my website.