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Can Botox Help My Scars?

Just hearing the word Botox brings up an image of a wrinkle free brow, the absence of crow’s feet and the loss of vertical lines between the eyebrows. Most people don’t realize, however, that Botox was not developed to be a plastic surgeon’s wonder drug. Some of the approved indications for Botox include the treatment […]

Correction of Length in the Aging Lip

For many individuals, one of the most distressing signs of aging are those changes seen in the upper lip. The patients generally focus on two obvious of these changes: the presence of vertical wrinkles and the loss of volume. The third change, less obvious to most, the lengthening of the lip is becoming increasingly recognized […]

A Wrinkle in Time. How Young is too Young for Botox® Injections?

In 2010, Charice Pempengco, an 18 year old star who was set to join the cast of “Glee” received Botox injections in the Philippines.  At the time Pempengco, now known as Jake Zyrus, said the procedure was done to prepare for a new television role. The backlash was astounding, unleashing an international discussion about “Botox® […]

The Hidden Danger behind the Brazilian Butt Lift

Celebrities that parade their ample assets equally in the nude, or in revealing clothes pulled tightly over their impressively shapely butts are continuing to boost the trend in “booty enhancement”. The explosive popularity of athleisure, the gym to street wear fashion movement, is also adding to the increased interest in butt lifts. Snug leggings paired […]

Long Lasting Facial Volume with New Generation Hyaluronic Acid and Poly-L Lactic Acid Injectables

It is OK to call this blog a “puff piece”; it is about the new generation of minimally invasive injectables that restore lost volume to the face and fill in deep lines and wrinkles. Plastic surgeons now have new and slightly different weapons in their arsenal to restore a youthful, firmer plumper appearance to the […]


The Aesthetic Surgery Journal ( 35:589-599, 2015) recently published an article by Few, J, et. al. on the long-term effects of Voluma (Allergan) for midface enhancement. This article coincidentally appeared just two months before another HA (hyaluronic) gel, Lyft (Galderma) received FDA approval for mid-face enhancement as well. Both products are “thicker” variants of hyaluronic […]

Volumizers & Refiners: A Perfect Match

Part 2: Refiners In the first section of this two-part series, we discussed Sculptra Aesthetic, a filler which helps in the restoration of facial volume. This is important for recreation of a youthful appearance to the contour of a person’s cheeks, mandible (jaw), temples and chin as well as for helping eliminate deep folds, lines […]

Volumizers & Refiners: A Perfect Match

Part 1: Volumizers We’re all familiar with the physical changes that come with aging. One of which is the loss of volume, particularly evident in our faces. We begin to notice a hollowed effect in our cheeks, chins and temples – among other places. In fact, when people were polled about what makes a person […]

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