Information About Breast Procedures

Recovery Time: 10-14 Days

Breast Augmentation is the enlargement of a woman’s breasts by placement of saline or silicone prostheses to create a more voluminous shape.

Recovery Time: 10-14 Days

Breast lift surgery is typically for those women whose breasts have fallen and lost their shape due to natural factors such as aging or pregnancy.

Recovery Time: 10-14 Days

Breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the size and improve the shape of the woman’s breast as well as correct breast, neck and shoulder pain.

Recovery Time: 2-3 Weeks

Breast reconstruction is performed after a surgical mastectomy (breast removal surgery) and seeks to restore the breast to a natural size and shape.

Breast revision surgery is used to make adjustments or corrections to previous breast augmentation surgeries to ensure patient satisfaction.

Recovery Time: 1-2 Weeks

Gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) is a benign disorder that, to some degree, can affect many males at some point in their life.

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