About Thermirase

A revolutionary way to treat facial and neck lines is here with ThermiRase. This advanced procedure is an FDA-approved and minimally invasive way to turn back the hands of time. Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers this procedure as a great way to get the benefits of traditional skin rejuvenation treatments with better and longer results and virtually no downtime associated with it. ThermiRase works best on the forehead and neck. This innovative procedure targets the nerves responsible for wrinkling and disables them to produce younger-looking, rejuvenated skin.

Similar to BOTOX since it targets unwanted muscle activity, ThermiRase provides a much more natural and relaxed appearance. While BOTOX changes how the muscles responsible for wrinkling work, ThermiRase affects the nerve activity that controls these muscles. The results are longer-lasting and more dramatic.

What To Expect

Dr. Rothaus will use an external nerve stimulator to map out the nerves that will be targeted. He will then use a special probe to create a series of thermal lesions along the nerve pathways that control the muscles which cause wrinkling. Once the nerve is located, Dr. Rothaus will use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and apply heat for about a minute. The process will be repeated as needed until the patient can no longer move the targeted muscle.

After Thermirase

Results from ThermiRase are immediately noticeable. The skin will look younger and smoother with diminished lines and wrinkles. Unlike most fillers, only one session of ThermiTight is needed to obtain dramatic results. However, subsequent sessions can be performed to prolong the appearance of the rejuvenated skin. The majority of patients will experience the effects for more than a year following treatment.

Erase Stubborn Lines

Erase those stubborn and unsightly lines and wrinkles with ThermiRase. This highly effective treatment can produce dramatically smoother, younger-looking skin immediately. With long-lasting results, this treatment is a game changer. To learn more about this innovative procedure, please feel free to contact our office to speak with our friendly staff.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 1-2 Weeks
Average Procedure Time: 1-2 Hours
Procedure Recovery Location: