Fat that collects in the neck and under the chin negatively impacts a person’s profile, and often result in a double chin appearance. At Rothaus Plastic surgery of Manhattan, Dr. Rothaus specializes in treating women and men who seek to remove excess fat and tissue from their neck. Neck liposuction is not the answer for everyone. If the skin is involved, Dr. Rothaus may also suggest the use of laser liposuction (SmartLipo, Precision Tx or SlimLipo) or radiofrequency (ThermiTight). If an excess of loose skin is present, some patients may require a necklift and in some cases, chin augmentation or fillers.

Surgical Technique

Generally, a small cannula is used to gently remove fat during the liposuction process. It is placed into the skin through a small puncture wound that is made just below the chin and behind each ear. This “port” incision is so small that a suture will not be required at the end of the procedure and makes scarring almost completely invisible. The procedure is done entirely under local anesthesia. Some patients will also have an element of loose skin. In that case, Dr. Rothaus will use a minimally invasive laser or radiofrequency device as well in order to create a tight appearance.

During/After Surgery

Neck liposuction is a fairly straightforward procedure that can be performed in just about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. Afterwards, patients will wear a gentle compression bandage or chin strip to help control bruising, swelling and bleeding. Results can be seen immediately and any bruising and swelling are usually gone within 1-2 weeks. Normal activities can be resumed in 7-10 days or sooner. Neck liposuction surgery can produce some transforming results that help patients have a slimmer, smoother neck appearance almost instantly.

Get A Slimmer Neck Today!

One of the most common ways to reduce unwanted body fat is through liposuction. Do you have pesky fat deposits under your chin or on your neck? If so, we urge you to give Rothaus Plastic Surgery a call to schedule a consultation and we will be happy to assess all of the options available to you.

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