The Mommy Makeover procedure was designed for mothers who have not been able to go back to their pre-pregnancy bodies even after extensive exercise and a strict diet. The Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic surgery that revitalizes and reshapes areas of the body that have changed due to pregnancy skin stretching and weight gain. A typical Mommy Makeover includes a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction. In some cases, a libiaplasty is also incorporated in the overall procedure. Top New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus is a specialist in body contouring and has helped many women transform their lives and regain a healthy self-image resulting from a Mommy Makeover.

Surgical Technique

During the initial consultation, Dr. Rothaus will listen to your aesthetic goals and tailor an individualized surgical plan that best suits your goals. He will also discuss all the aspects of the procedure and the surgical techniques he will use during the surgery. Because there are multiple procedures incorporated in the Mommy Makeover, the surgical plan will be customized and vary with each patient. For many, a combination of techniques will tighten the skin and muscles of the abdomen, reshape the body for a more natural and appealing contour, restore shape and volume to the breasts, and eliminate stubborn areas of fat.

Mommy Makeover Video

During/After Surgery

A mommy makeover can be done in one operation or as a staged procedure in a series of operations. Dr. Rothaus prefers to plan a series of procedures separated in time. In that manner, they can each be performed as an out-patient procedure. The recovery varies from patient to patient and from procedure to procedure. As a single staged procedure, it is a longer surgery requiring an overnight stay in the hospital. In such situations, the Mommy Makeover is performed under general anesthesia and, depending on how many procedures are combined, can take more than 4-8 hours. Recovery can be challenging, but full recovery can take between 6-12 weeks, although most patients can return to their normal routine within 3-4 weeks. Exercise is discouraged for at least 3 weeks post-surgery.


Normal surgical scars are common and expected depending on the procedure. Because of this, it is important to find a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon well versed in the Mommy Makeover complex of procedures to perform the surgery. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Rothaus will ensure that scarring is kept at a minimum and that the results are gorgeous and long lasting.

Get Your Body Back!

A mommy makeover gives a woman the chance to regain her slim figure and youthful curves. It is now one of the most popular procedures performed at our New York City office. We love to bring positive changes to a woman’s life, and this surgery does just that. If you are ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back, we encourage you to call our office today and schedule your consultation.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 10-20 Days
Average Procedure Time: 1-4 Hours
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient