About Laser Hair Removal

Men and women desiring permanent hair removal may choose to undergo laser hair removal so that they no longer have to deal with shaving, tweezing, or waxing. This common cosmetic procedure, offered by Manhattan cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth O. Rothaus, uses a laser beam of light to target and remove hair. It can successfully be used anywhere on the body where hair is undesired. Our office is proud to offer the latest hair removal technologies, which remove up to 80-100% of the hair in a specific area. The laser hair removal devices we have in-house are based on the StarLux 500 IPL system and include the:

  • Lux R
  • Lux Rs
  • Lux Y
  • Lux Ys

Each technology offers superb results and will be chosen based on the exact needs of the patient, including hair location, hair color, and skin color.

Am I A Candidate?

Most men and women who have unwanted hair are candidates for this procedure. However, those with lighter complexions and darker hair tend to have the best results. This is because the laser beam is able to find and target the hair easier than if the individual had light hair. With that said, light-haired individuals can still have this treatment, they just may need additional sessions to get the results they want. The number of sessions needed depends on how much hair exists, the thickness of the hair, color and texture, and the ultimate aesthetic goal.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Through laser hair removal, most patients are able to achieve visible results in just a few sessions. However, because hair follicles grow at different rates and speeds, multiple treatments are generally needed so that all of the follicles in one area can be targeted. During laser hair removal, we will place an intense pulsed light handpiece on top of the skin where the hair resides. The hair shaft and the pigment surrounding the follicle absorb the heat the laser beam emits, which permanently damages the follicle.

What To Expect

During a laser hair removal treatment, most patients report feeling a slight sting. Our in-house laser hair removal devices are built with a cooling sapphire crystal, which helps to ease discomfort and reduce unwanted side effects, such as prolonged redness or complications such as epidermal injury. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately the after treatment. Over the course of several sessions, the hair will decrease and eventually be eliminated, leaving a smooth, hairless surface.

Remove Unwanted Hair!

Laser hair removal is considered a safe, effective, and solid solution for hair removal. Men and women who are tired of spending a fortune on waxing, and hours shaving or tweezing, will enjoy the smooth, hairless results that laser hair removal provides. We welcome you to call our New York City and Westchester offices and learn more about the laser technologies we offer and the services we provide.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 1 Week
Average Procedure Time: 1-2 Hours
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient