About IPL

Manhattan cosmetic surgeon and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers IPL, also known as intense pulse light to create smoother, clearer skin. This is a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment similar to a laser, except instead of using a single wavelength of light as with most lasers, IPL uses a band of light from a flashlamp or bright light, which expands out to target specific irregularities on the skin. This safe and effective treatment is performed to diminish the appearance of pigmentation problems, age spots, blood vessels, fine lines, and other skin irregularities.

Many of our patients receive more than one treatment of IPL, and continue receiving treatments periodically to keep their skin looking fresh, clear, and smooth. Our New York City cosmetic surgery office is proud to offer patients the advanced StarLux 500, using both the LUX G and LUX V for patients desiring the removal of hyperpigmentation.


The StarLux 500 represents a technology in which an intense pulse light device or laser can be built upon a single base platform by adding individual hand pieces. The 500 was originally released by Palomar Medical Technologies. Palomar was purchased by Cynosure in the spring of 2013. It includes a more powerful cooling unit that enables the addition of newer hand pieces, such as the Lux 2940 (an erbium laser for fractional resurfacing) and upgrades to existing hand pieces that can operate at faster speeds. Our New York City cosmetic surgery office uses the following IPL modalities:

  • Lux G – Hyperpigmentation, facial vessels including rosacea, rejuvenation of face, neck and chest skin
  • Lux V – Hyperpigmentation and acne treatments
  • Lux 1064 –Leg veins
  • Lux Y and Lux Ys- Hyperpigmentation and hair
  • Lux R and Lux Rs – Hair

Best Candidates

IPL photofacials are ideal for patients who have damaged skin due to sun exposure, acne, pigmentation from aging, as well as skin conditions such as Rosacea. IPL does not treat deep wrinkles and lines, it does however improve the appearance of the top layer of skin by creating a smoother, clearer appearance. Candidates should still have healthy skin elasticity, and somewhat of a fair complexion that has not been recently tanned by the sun or a tanning booth. For optimal results, we inform our patients that a series of treatments often works best until the desired results are achieved. IPL can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands. After a thorough consultation, we will develop a treatment plan and schedule so that your specific needs can be addressed during treatment.

What To Expect

IPL is performed in our office and typically takes about 30 – 60 minutes. Before the treatment begins, the patient’s skin is cleansed thoroughly and a cold gel is applied to the area being addressed. During the procedure, our patients are given protective eye coverings and the IPL hand piece glides gently over the surface. The intense pulse light targets and is absorbed by the dilated vessels and/or pigmentation. This initiates a process that closes down unwanted vessels and removes dark pigmentation. Most patients do not feel any discomfort with this procedure, however, a numbing agent is generally not required.

After the treatment is complete, most patients can return to their normal activities. Redness or a slight deepening in color may be evident on the skin for several days. This can easily be covered with make-up and the patients can immediately return to work and their normal activities.

Get Clear Skin Today!

We invite you to call our cosmetic surgery office and learn more about IPL photo rejuvenation today. This easy, nonsurgical procedure creates a beautiful, glowing appearance and improves texture, tone, and skin laxity. Following a consultation, we will provide a detailed treatment plan and schedule so that you can enjoy the skin you have always wanted.

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