Whether you’ve got long-term acne scarring or aging, wrinkled skin, when you want a way to even out your skin tone and restore a youthful glow, there’s a laser peel that can make all the difference. The Lutronic Spectra Laser Peel (also known as the Hollywood Peel) is a no-downtime procedure that effectively balances skin tone, evens out skin texture and refreshes a patient’s overall youthful appearance. Performed in office in a matter of minutes, this gentle treatment works best through a series of peels, performed over a period of time.

Best Candidates

While the Lutronic Spectra Laser Peel works for most skin types, it’s an ideal fit for men and women who have:

  • Uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Aging, damaged skin with fine lines
  • Skin that is not very dark or recently tanned

What to Expect

We start with a personal consultation to evaluate your skin and determine your candidacy for the Spectra Peel. Based on your situation and needs, we’ll recommend a course of treatment that makes the most sense for you. In the actual treatment, Dr. Rothaus will start by applying a light layer of Spectra location to your skin, letting it penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes. He then passes the laser over your skin two to four times, leaving you with a rejuvenated, fresher appearance. The Spectra Peel can be done repeatedly, in two- to four-week intervals.

Recovery Time

One of the best features of the Spectra Peel is that there’s no downtime. Afterwards, you can immediately return to regular activities.

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Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: No downtime and minimal side effects
Average Procedure Time: Less than 30 minutes
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient