Fat transfer treatments are common among patients desiring more fullness to help contour irregularities and replace lost volume. The procedure works by removing fat using liposuction from areas of excess, then using special instrumentation to prepare the fat for injection. Top New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth O. Rothaus, is a well-known specialist in fat transfer and helps patients achieve their aesthetic goals. He uses fat transfers for a number of body parts that need additional volume, including areas such as the hands, face, and post-surgical or traumatic deformities.


Common areas for fat transfer include the face for facial rejuvenation. This includes fat grafting for under the eyes, within the cheeks and lips. Fat transfers are also common for laugh lines, as well as under the chin. Fat grafting helps to correct contour irregularities that may result from over aggressive liposuction and is often used during breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. Rejuvenation of the hands using fat from the patient’s own body can create gorgeous results, hiding obvious veins and tendons that become more apparent with age. Nano fat grafting or microfat grafts are used for facial and skin rejuvenation

Best Candidates

Those who desire a fat transfer procedure should meet the following qualifications:

  • The patient should have a suitable donor site of fat available for harvesting
  • The patient must have good skin tone and laxity
  • The patient should be a non-smoker and in good health

What To Expect

In the initial consultation, Dr. Rothaus will evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for fat transfer; i.e., will fat transfer achieve the results you desire, are there donor area(s) of fat available, your skin quality, and your overall health. He will also evaluate the actual grafting area(s) to judge its suitability for fat grafting. This in-depth evaluation will help Dr. Rothaus develop a plan for each individual patient’s needs. We encourage you to bring up any areas of your appearance that you are currently not happy with and convey what you wish to accomplish with this surgery. This will help Dr. Rothaus understand the goals you have for the surgery and whether they can be achieved.

Fat Grafting/Transfer Recovery

Recovery and downtime post-surgery varies from patient to patient. Swelling and bruising is common and expected after surgery in the areas treated and will resolve between 1-2 weeks. You may be required to wear a compression garment if large amounts of fat were grafted. If small amounts of fat were removed, modest activities can usually be resumed 7-10 days after surgery. If large amounts of fat were removed modest activities can be resumed 3-4 weeks after surgery. Complete visualization of results can take about 6 months.

Get Natural Results Today!

If you have an area on the body that has low volume due to weight loss, aging or genetics, a fat transfer may be a great option to consider. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our staff today so that we can assess the areas for treatment. Fat can result in better looking skin, a smoother and fuller shape and can be placed in areas as small as the lips, or as large as the breast and buttocks.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 5-10 Days
Average Procedure Time: 1-2 Hours
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient