Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth O. Rothaus, performs Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, to reduce the appearance of prominently larger ears. Ridicule and teasing at school can obviously have a largely negative impact on the self-esteem of a child. For this reason, otoplasty is often performed on children as young as 5 years, a time when the majority of the growth of the ear has ceased.

At Rothaus Plastic Surgery, ear surgery is most frequently performed to reshape adult ears increasing self-esteem and improving appearance in this case as well. Incisions are placed behind the ear, which limits visible scarring. This location allows Dr. Rothaus to gain access to the cartilage of the ears for contouring. An otoplasty will thus bring the ears in balance with the head and face.

Fitting Candidates

We work with children as early as 5 years of age so that their ears can be reshaped before they begin elementary school. However, individuals of any age can receive ear surgery. Fitting candidates are women or men who demonstrate:

  • Issues with self-confidence due to the shape or size of their ears
  • Ears that protrude out
  • Ears with congenital deformities of the cartilage

What To Expect

An incision is made behind the ear so that the cartilage can be exposed. Cartilage is removed and/or shaped until the ear demonstrates a more fitting appearance. Any excess skin is removed. Permanent sutures will be used to repair and reshape the cartilage, but the hidden post-auricular (behind the ear) incision will be closed with absorbable sutures. The goal of otoplasty is to assess the many variables used to redefine the ears and produce a natural looking and long-lasting result.


Swelling and bruising, which can be minimal, will begin to dissipate during the first couple weeks. A dressing is applied to the head immediately after the procedure and will be removed at the first office visit after surgery. Patients must continue an elastic headband to protect the ears for several more weeks. Strenuous activity must be avoided for at least one month after surgery. Parents must ensure that children do not scratch or pick at their ears during the healing process.

Show Your Face From All Sides!

Otoplasty gives patients new confidence. We encourage you to seek advice from our plastic surgery office if you live with anxiety about the size or shape of your ears.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 7-10 Days
Average Procedure Time: 60-90 Minutes
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient