Occasionally, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, a top plastic surgeon in New York City, sees patients who underwent breast augmentation surgery at another institution and did not like the outcome. While most women are satisfied with the results of a breast augmentation surgery, sometimes a revision is necessary. It is important that revisional surgery be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rothaus, who comprehends the revision process and has a long record of exceptional results.

Reasons For Revision

Dr. Rothaus has a long record of performing breast surgery for women in multiple circumstances. He tailors each surgery according to each individual patient’s cosmetic and medical needs. The main goal of a breast revision is to identify the reasons for the unsatisfactory result. The most common reasons for a breast revision are the changing of breast size, implant removal, implant rupture, an implant that has moved out of place, excessive scarring, or breast rippling.

Sometimes after a breast augmentation, some women feel that the final result is either larger or smaller than they desired. The revision procedure to correct an implant size is relatively straightforward. Dr. Rothaus will discuss your options and needs, during the initial consultation to hopefully optimize the result and your satisfaction after the surgery.


While breast augmentation is one of today’s most popular surgeries, some patients decide to have the implants removed. In this case, the revision surgery will include removing the implant and, if necessary, reshaping the breast to correct the skin that may have stretched over time.


Despite the many technological advances in the medical field, rupture or leakage of breast implants does occur. With a saline implant, a rupture would cause the breast to look noticeably deflated. If a silicone implant ruptures, the gel may stay in place with no noticeable difference until seen on routine screening mammography or even requiring an MRI to detect the rupture. An implant rupture may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of time after implantation.


If an implant has migrated out of place it may cause the appearance of a double breast. This is referred to as a “double bubble.” If a double bubble occurs, a revision surgery is necessary to correct the condition. During the procedure the creation of a new pocket or the placement of additional support may be needed to ensure the implant stays in position.


The formation of fibrous tissue around the breast implant is normal after implant surgery. This tissue is known as a capsule. While most capsules cause no problem to the patient, in some cases it can tighten around the implant causing a deformity in the shape of the implant or severe hardening of the implant. A capsulotomy (opening of capsule) or capsulectomy (removal of all or part of the capsule) is performed to remove the fibrous tissue and correct any hardness or deformity.


For patients with thin skin and minimal breast tissue, palpable or even visible rippling can occur. Saline implants are more commonly associated with rippling. While rippling is not necessarily a complication, it can be aesthetically unappealing and even uncomfortable.

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What To Expect

Downtime and recovery after a breast revision surgery varies from patient to patient and can differ greatly depending on the type of change needed. For example, a patient who would like their implants removed would have a quicker recovery time than a patient who requires extensive treatment such as the reposition of an implant and creation of a new pocket. Dr. Rothaus will discuss expected recovery time and surgery duration with you during the initial consultation.

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