Threads for Facial and Neck Rejuvenation

Our facial texture and structure changes as we age. Unfortunately, the changes are usually never what we want! No woman (nor man) wants to age prematurely or sport sagging skin, but it happens. If you are a patient in your late 30’s or early 40’s and are facing these ‘changes’ you may be a perfect candidate for a thread lift. Yes, you read that right, thread lift.

Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines just a few years ago, receiving a ton of backlash for endorsing a procedure that was at the time, said to have carried “too many side effects” with spitting sutures and scarring. The treatment, with constant technological advancements, has addressed these problems and grown in popularity. It looks like the media might have to apologize for doubting the Goop guru, Ms. Paltrow.

A Thread Lift, meant for face, neck and maybe even body rejuvenation, is a procedure that lifts and fills. Although not a substitute for an actual face lift, it happens to be an acceptable alternative when compared to various other minimally invasive procedures. The thread lift is able to minimize sagging around the jowls, neck and face including the jaw line and the cheeks. The procedure includes the use of special threads that gently hold facial tissues and reposition the skin. Once these threads are inserted into your face through small puncture wounds, their barbs or cones act as anchors to hold your tissue in place as it is lifted. They are all absorbable and stimulate natural collagen production as they disappear. Immediate results can be seen on the treated areas in the form of a rejuvenated appearance.

Another advantage, apart from immediate results, is that this is an office procedure done under a local anesthesia. The very fact that a thread lift requires very little or no anesthesia at all makes it less costly than a traditional face lift procedure. In fact, a simple thread lift would cost roughly a quarter to a third of what a traditional face lift costs.

Thread lifting generally involves several different types of threads or sutures: barbed threads, threads with cones, smooth threads and twisted threads. Each of these different threads help with stimulating the natural formulation of collagen, which is a protein that will provide your skin with a youthful appearance and aides in restoring firmness. Depending on the components in the thread (PLLA, PDO, etc.) the results can last from 9 to up to 18-24 months. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about a thread lift, send us an email or give us a call and allow us to meet with you to create a custom treatment plan that best suits you.