LED Hair Growth in NYC

Rothaus Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Kenneth Rothaus, offers LED hair growth for men and women in New York City, Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding areas of New York.

What is LED Hair Growth?

Reduced blood circulation in the scalp is a common contributing factor to hair loss in men and women. At Rothaus Plastic Surgery, we offer LED hair growth treatments to improve circulation and stimulate natural hair growth. The treatment works by delivering LED light at a specific wavelength that is proven to enhance blood flow that feeds new hair follicles.

What Are the Benefits of LED Hair Growth?

  • Non-surgical
  • Quick, comfortable treatment
  • No downtime
  • Helps grow hair naturally

Who is a Good Candidate for LED Hair Growth?

You may be a good candidate for our LED hair growth treatments if your hair loss is in part due to reduced blood flow in the scalp. The treatment can be performed on a standalone basis or as a complement to our other hair restoration procedures.

What is the Procedure for LED Hair Growth?

Rothaus Plastic Surgery offers LED hair growth with the GentleWaves system. The device delivers pulses of LED light that bypass the layers of skin and target the hair follicles.

What is the Recovery like After LED Hair Growth?

LED hair growth does not require any downtime or recovery. Over the weeks after the treatment, you may notice new hair growth and hair that is thicker and less likely to fall out prematurely.

Plan Your LED Hair Growth Treatments

Average Procedure Time: Two 30-minute treatments per week for 10 weeks

Procedure Recovery Time: None

Procedure Location: Outpatient

How Much Does LED Hair Growth Cost?

The cost of our LED hair growth treatment varies based on the needs of the individual patient. After the consultation with Dr. Rothaus, we provide a cost that is based on your treatment plan. For your convenience, Rothaus Plastic Surgery offers financing for qualified patients.

Dr. Kenneth Rothaus offers LED hair growth loss for men and women in New York City, Upper East Side, Manhattan, Westchester, and surrounding communities in New York. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.