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Exfoliating & WHY You May Be Hurting Your Skin – by Juliana Longoria

With all the exfoliating skincare treatments out there- both professional and at-home, its easy to fall into an abyss of skincare options and get lead down a path of self-destructive treatments. This defeats our goal of having healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. Therefore, I’ve decided to put together a quick guide on the different types […]

New Medical Aesthetician Joins Practice

Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD & are pleased to announce that Juliana Longoria has joined our staff. Juliana, a graduate of the prestigious Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, is a New York State licensed medical aesthetician and a skin care specialist. With more than a decade of experience in the care of the aesthetic patient, […]

Correction of Length in the Aging Lip

For many individuals, one of the most distressing signs of aging are those changes seen in the upper lip. The patients generally focus on two obvious of these changes: the presence of vertical wrinkles and the loss of volume. The third change, less obvious to most, the lengthening of the lip is becoming increasingly recognized […]

How To Get A Little Lift For Your Facial Volume

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal ( 35:589-599, 2015) recently published an article by Few, J, et. al. on the long-term effects of Voluma (Allergan) for midface enhancement. Coincidentally, another HA (hyaluronic) gel, Lyft (Galderma) just received FDA approval for mid-face enhancement as well. Both products are “thicker” variants of hyaluronic gels which are intended to give […]

How Long Does A Facelift Last????

31 January 2013 I am probably not going to get a chance to comment on many plastic surgery articles exclusively dealing with male patients, so I could not let this one pass! We read a lot about the Mommy Makeover. This video and article from KHOU in Houston discusses the flip side of the coin: […]

Volumizers & Refiners: A Perfect Match

Part 2: Refiners In the first section of this two-part series, we discussed Sculptra Aesthetic, a filler which helps in the restoration of facial volume. This is important for recreation of a youthful appearance to the contour of a person’s cheeks, mandible (jaw), temples and chin as well as for helping eliminate deep folds, lines […]

Volumizers & Refiners: A Perfect Match

Part 1: Volumizers We’re all familiar with the physical changes that come with aging. One of which is the loss of volume, particularly evident in our faces. We begin to notice a hollowed effect in our cheeks, chins and temples – among other places. In fact, when people were polled about what makes a person […]

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